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We recently did an article on the safety of tattoo inksand wanted to follow that up with some more information that was brought to our attention to keep you, our valued customer and fan, taken care of.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported that there has been a number of reports of skin infections and the source has been confirmed and traced back to a bad batch of tattoo ink.  The following quote taken from another article, goes into more detail:

“After an investigation, officials traced the bad tattoo ink back to three different types of Catfish Carl’s Realistic Washes in Arizona. The maker, 4 Forty 4 Tattoo of Tucson then recalled the batches after officials learned they were contaminated with the bacteria behind the skin outbreaks.”

It is important to note that this is an excruciating circumstance, and great precautions are taken to protect the…

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Tattoos, Memories, and Summer in Waikiki


Crazy time of year, sometimes a recap is necessary because so much happens in a short time! For example, The President was here during APEC and our President went to the Philippines. Seems like just yesterday APEC was being announced and Adam shared he was leaving.

Take the shot above, which showcases Tattoo Adam’s work on a client. It was taken a year ago for a Hawaii Tattoo Magazine 808 Ink which we await to see more issues of, particularly with the Tattoo Convention coming soon…

to Honolulu near you… (Note:use your movie theater trailer voice for extra effects)


Another memory is the fact, not fiction, you best believe our conviction at being the best, is legit because we won another award as Honolulu’s Best Custom Tattooing Studio !

All we can say is that our Honolulu Tattoo Shop works hard all year and has been running full steam ahead, guns blazing, engines roaring with the intensity that is the Summer Tattoo season! Many tourists looking for tattoos in Hawaii come back each year to 434 Tattoo to add to their growing collections and enjoy some time in Paradise, of which we are happy to help with and grateful to have such a high volume of people coming in for tattoos in Waikiki!

Speaking of which, looks like it is time for another one! Until the next episode…


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Discounts on Tattoos in Hawaii

Our Waikiki Tattoo parlor, 434 Tattoo, has taken part in offering a number of Hawaii Tattoo Discounts over the years.  In last year alone, our Honolulu tattoo shop has done a Military Appreciation Month in Hawaii, offered discounts to Federal Agents, and has even been featured as one of the daily deals by Groupon!

The tattoo deals are still coming as Hawaii tattooist Andy Burley has a rare opportunity available for anyone interested here at 434 Tattoo

To help people who may be feeling down because of the Ides of March, Andy is offering $50 off his hourly rate through the middle of March.  That’s a huge tattoo savings in Hawaii and a great opportunity to get some work done by the only tattooist to make it through an apprenticeship with Tattoo Adam, Shop Owner, a world-renowned Tattoo Artist who has tattooed for almost two decades, and even tattooed the infamous “Iron” Mike Tyson.

So your “search” for the best tattoo deals in Hawaii is over.  Come on down to the three years running Hawaii’s Best Tattooing Studio Winning, 434 Tattoo!

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii

mailto: adamsiehr@gmail.com

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Tattoo Bill Hawaii

IF you live in Hawaii or are a Hawaii State Licensed tattooer living on the mainland…WE NEED YOU TO JOIN OUR COALITION FOR SAFE TATTOOING IN HAWAII. Private message me, Peggy Sucher with name, phone number and email. Let us know if you are resident, tattooer, etc. WE NEED TO TAKE A STAND, FOLKS. Let’s show our DOH we are united.
Please message me, Peggy Sucher, either on my personal page or here.

Go to FaceBook , Tattoo Bills Hawaii .


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How it happens .

In 2002 , a customer walked in to the shop ( aloha tattoo ) got a tattoo and kept coming back for more ink .

The customer name of Joe , spent 4 years in Hawaii serving in the Army , getting ink and staying loyal to his artist .

Through out that time after so many hours under the needle Joe and Tattoo Adam established a friendship , witch is a common thing some times .

Joe followed Tattoo Adam as he moved into a small custom studio on Kalakaua ave , where he finished his back piece .

After his four years Joe continued on with his duties else where committed to the Army .

Only 2 short years later Joe returned to Hawaii to his surprise to find Tattoo Adam moving closer into Waikiki , opening his current studio 434 Tattoo , and as a welcome home surprise Joe found his Tattoo on his back running in a widely distributed magazine advertisement for the last 3 years he served here in Hawaii for the army .

In those last 3 years Joe lived around the corner from the studio was always on and off the Island , it was confusing wondering were your friend keeps going , but when he was around our friendships really rooted well into this small little studio .

Joe this blog is for you brother , all though you have left we will be waiting like all those other times for you to come back and be apart of your tattooed family ..

The photo is of Joe treating Tattoo Adam to Famous Hanks Haute Dogs , both was there first time to eat there and a real Awsome experience to remember each others friendship .

Every thing happens for a reason , and I have a good feeling the Army will see it and give a good soldier a good life !

See you soon bro ! Do not for get about us !!

Tattoo Adam
Dec. 7th , 2011


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Tattoo Aftercare Advice from 434 Tattoo

Aftercare Instructions for Tattoo – New Tattoo Care

New tattoos require attentive aftercare to promote healthy healing. A tattoo is an open wound and requires the same attention throughout the healing process. Tattoos must be kept clean and exposed to least amount of germs as possible.

The healing stages of a tattoo will be as unique as the individual who is experiencing it. Different skin type, body location, and tattoo artist techniques can all cause a variance in your personal tattoo healing process.

Tattoo aftercare is critical to the healthy healing of your new tattoo. The aftercare instructions below should be started as soon as possible following your tattoo appointment and make sure that you take proper care of your tattoo as there is nothing worse than getting a great tattoo and then having it heal poorly and mess up the finished tattoo. For additional resources on the proper care of a new tattoo click here.

None of this article should be taken as medical advice, for all medical advice consult your physician.

How to Care for a New Tattoo –

Your new tattoo will be bandaged when you leave the tattoo parlor. It is recommended to leave this bandage on your new tattoo for a few hours, to protect it from any outside contact. A brand new tattoo is similar to having minor surgery so don’t be surprised if your tattoo bleeds a little for the first 24 hours. This is normal and your bandage will help absorb any bleeding from your tattoo initially following your procedure. One thing to note is to be extremely careful when removing your bandage and to not let a large amount of blood dry on your bandage.

When it is time to remove the bandage from your tattoo, do so carefully. It is possible that blood has dried to the bandage and if you just rip it off, you could possibly screw up the appearance of your new tattoo.

Your tattoo is tattoo is going to be sore, red, and possibly a bit swollen. You may also experience a slight stinging sensation that is similar to the feeling of sunburn. Tattoo artists will tell you that getting a tattoo feels like a strong sunburn, the truth is that a healing tattoo will often feel like a sunburn. If you’re a wimp, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers can help alleviate these temporary symptoms of tattoo healing.

Your primary focus when taking care of a new tattoo is to keep the tattoo clean. After the initial bandage is removed, gently wash your tattoo with water and a tattoo aftercare cleanser such as Tattoo Goo (or anti-bacterial soap). Do not use a washcloth or anything other than your hand. Wash gently, don’t ‘rub’ but pat the tattoo. Try to remove all blood. Do not scrub. Rinse your new tattoo completely with clear water then blot slightly with a clean towel. Allow your tattoo to air dry for 15 minutes or so.

After your tattoo has dried, gently apply a tattoo aftercare lotion such as Tattoo Goo or Tattoo Adams all natural ointmet. A minimal amount will be sufficient – if your tattoo appears overly-shiny, you applied too much. Too much lotion traps germs in to your new tattoo which can potentially lead to infection. Just a dab will do.

Repeat the tattoo aftercare instructions for cleaning your tattoo 3 times a day.

Be sure to wear clean, loose-fitting clothing around your tattooed area and to sleep on clean sheets.

Tattoo Care – Peeling, Is it Normal?

The tattoo healing process is similar to recovering from a bad sunburn. It is quite common for a new tattoo to peel after a couple of days. Allow the tattoo to peel away naturally – do NOT peel the dry skin away yourself. This can pull the ink out of your tattoo leaving it discolored or uneven in appearance. You will also notice that your new tattoo feels tight, dry, and itchy. Keep applying your tattoo aftercare lotion to hydrate the tattoo and alleviate these symptoms. It is normal to see small flakes of colored skin flake away from your tattoo as your tattoo is healing.

What Does a Healthy, Healing Tattoo Look like?

New tattoos will appear red and swollen immediately following your tattoo procedure. This appearance will continue for a few days throughout the tattoo healing process. Within a week to ten days, the skin surrounding the tattoo area should be more back to normal. Most tattoos are completely healed in three weeks time.

Healing Stages of Tattoos

Everyone heals differently making it difficult to give an exact time line for the tattoo healing process. it is impossible to predict exactly how everyone will heal from a tattoo experience being that no two human bodies heal at the same rate. Those with sensitive skin may take longer to heal, and may experience a longer period of flaking or peeling, than those that have normal skin. Location of your tattoo can also cause the healing time to vary. Tattoos on the hands or feet may take up to two weeks longer to heal than a tattoo on another body part.

Below is a general over-view of the healing stages of a tattoo.

Tattoo healing stage – Week 1
New tattoo will be sore and red.
Slight bleeding is common during the initial 24 hours following your procedure.
Minor symptoms such as swelling and stinging can be eased with the use of over-the-counter pain relievers.
Proper tattoo aftercare must be started immediately following procedure to ensure healthy healing.

Tattoo healing stage – Week 2
Tattoo may begin to flake or peel.
Tattoo may become itchy
Important to NOT scratch or pick at tattoo

Tattoo healing stage – Week 3
Scabbing and/or peeling has subsided
Tattoo area may still feel sensitiveTattoo Care – Tattoo advice to preserve the quality of your tattoo.

Tattoo Care – Tattoo advice to preserve the quality of your tattoo.

  • Do not expose your tattoo to extreme sunlight or tanning beds
  • No swimming, hot tubs, or baths for first two weeks after getting
    new tattoo
  • Do not shave the tattooed area for the first 30 days following
    tattoo procedure
  • Only touch your tattoo with clean hands. Don’t let others touch
    your healing tattoo

Tattoo Aftercare Video

Tattoo Aftercare Products

You probably spent good money getting that great new tattoo, didn’t you? Now is not the time to get cheap and skimp on tattoo aftercare products. The Original Tattoo Goo Tattoo AfterCare Kit is full of high-quality products designed to aid in the proper healing of a new tattoo, and to preserve it’s beauty for a lifetime.

If you change your mind, then you can always look into Tattoo Removal. I’ve searched around a few places in Honolulu, Gregery Herbich a  doctor and am considering getting mine laser removed. We’ll see as time goes by what I decide to do there.
Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



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Getting Married inside Of 434 Tattoo studio , Honolulu

On June 02nd  2011 , Kasandra and Steven , (a customer of 434 Tattoo) , choose to have there wedding inside of the tattoo shop Performed by Steven’s Tattoo Artist and Minister of Hawaii , Reverend (Tattoo) Adam Siehr .

Congratulations Kasandra and Steven !

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.
434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii

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